Why should I play?

SaviorX is not another one game on the market. It is different. Different not by words, but by meaning, by attitude towards user. We strive to build smart game, seek to find optimum between puzzle and action. We are some sort of mixing Kerbal Space Program and Machinarium if you'd ask. With SaviorX we are combining real Newton physics with cosmic atmosphere, featured design with essential for human's craving for discovery. Our mission is to create intelligent games, without crime scenes, blood and violence. Creative, not destructive.

Puzzle on Steroids

You never played that before! A new video game genre is born! Real physics mixed with logic/puzzle themes!


Real Newton physics in zero gravity. Rockets, boosters, elements controled by accelerometer. Pre-programable units!

42 Levels & more

50+ levels from very trivial one to super complex missions where you need to be a programmer & physicist.

The Joy of Exploration

You have a unique oportunity to explore the unknown by visiting unseen nature, planets & stars.


You're right! Icons do not lie.

It will be released on iOS this year.

On Android & Win Mobile in 2017Q1.

Are you happy?