Weather information, stock market trends, gmail unread emails count, battery charge level, Facebook unseen notifications and more can be at your OSX StatusBar.

But the most important is that: you can build your own monitoring triggers by your self!

And YES, it's FREE!

Download app (v1.0.2)

How it works

Possibilities for any kind of monitoring features are endless! You can use any shebag (bash, ruby, python and etc.) with your script implementation.

We care about your battery

Thanks to OSX occlusion feature ShellWrangler will save your battery by stopping all operations inside the application when OSX StatusBar is not visible and resume when it's back to visible. ShellWrangler will not consume your battery while you're watching a movie or working in a fullscreen!

What people are saying


This one just made my list: ShellWrangler All that useless whitespace in the MenuBar is now useful.


The iTunes Artist track is nice and unobtrusive. Out of the way, yet instantly available when I wonder what I'm listening to, I've tried a lot of these things over the years, and I like this home rolled solution best.