ShellWrangler as an alternative for Stock MenuLet and StockTab.

If you're looking for simplest way to track your stocks, currency and anything you need then ShellWrangler is the way to go!

ShellWrangler as an alternative for Degrees.

Using ShellWrangler and weather script/plugin you can have the same main functionality as Degrees has. For FREE!

iTunes current track name and album on your OSX MenuBar.

Track a name and album of what is currently played through your speakers!

Stock market trend indicators from

Currency exchange rates, stock selling prices, metal and everything else from on your OSX system statusbar.

Keep an eye on your GMail inboxes by tracking unread emails.

Single or multiple GMail inboxes can be put under surveillance by tracking unread emails in your inboxes.

Don't trust OSX on your battery charge level as it says little lie about it.

Real battery charge level can be accurately calculated based on battery current and designed amperage.

Keep an eye on current weather conditions on single or multiple locations.

Temperature and cloud coverage information for your preconfigured location.

Keep an eye on your facebook account unseen notification.

Facebook unseen notification counter at your OSX StatusBar

Batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before they are considered to be consumed.

Are you aware of remaining number? Keep an eye on this counter and maybe turn-on the ECO mode.