SAVIORX is a physics-based (Newton's physics) sci-fi mind game where you must to build, fly, navigate a Spaceship you assemble out of various units like: directional rockets, exploders, freezers, boosters, shields etc. and need to complete mission to save the Planet. User have to construct a flying system (spaceship fleat) based on booster rockets, explosions and other available units on a 9x9 game field. Main issue is to force the system to fly by programmed path to achieve target destination. Levels vary from very easy one to more complex ones. Step by step users rescue life over the planets in the galaxy by delivering a capsule with a cure.


SAVIORX IDEA are some sort of mixing Kerbal Space Program and Machinarium if you'd ask. With SaviorX we are combining real Newton physics with cosmic atmosphere, featuring design with essential for human's craving for discovery. Our purpose is to create an intelligent game, without crime scenes, blood and violence. Creative, but not destructive.


SaviorX - quite a unique game on the market in terms of gameplay with professional art design. SaviorX is a physics-based (Newton's physics) sci-fi mind game where you build, fly, navigate a spaceship you assemble out of various units like: directional rockets, exploders, freezers, boosters, shields etc.


Mission is to cure the planets around a distant multiverse where the nature of surroundings is very strange and unusual. You need to cure those planets from extinction by bringing the life to them. So you will build&program every unit of your spaceship in or order to make an attempt of a mission to bring life to other planet in a zero gravity environment. 3D version release of the SAVIORX is planned in 2024 of game development roadmap.


Every created planet and the associated journey - adventure is/and should be unique and converted to Non Fungible Token, it will be unique and tradable NFT. Developers can build own/unique planets and convert them to NFT. Every player can be developer. We are planning to set NFTs sales on OpenSea and other NFTs marketplaces and to build our own NFTs marketplace.
The SVX NFTs Tokens type - BEP20 Binance Smart Chain.
Totall SAVIOR X NFTs amount: 1000
500 SAVIOR X Planet NFTs
200 SAVIOR X Rocket NFTs
100 SAVIOR X ships NFTs
100 SAVIOR X explosions NFTs
50 SAVIOR X saver leaves NFTs


ECONOMY SAVIORX has a player owned ecosystem. The created/collected incomes focused on growing the players and developers community. Marketplace fees go to the Community Treasury whose operation will be guided by SVX holders. Game resources and items are tokenized, meaning they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on open peer-to-peer markets. All Tokenomics structures are made to attract more users and creators and in the future will have more independence regarding game content development, new features and scales. We want SAVIORX to become the game truly owned and operated by the community that plays it. This opens up limitless possibilities but must be approached carefully.


SaviorX let’s build your own planet and craft a mind-bending journey using various physics based units like rockets, explosions, magnets, trust rockets, etc. To realize the Play to Earn function every planet creator can set rewards for participants and organize Tournaments. The rewards and percentage is set individually by the creator and can be free of charge or spread between participants. All art assets and SAVIORX genetic data can be accessed by 3rd parties/partners, allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences in the SAVIORX metaverse.


Platform will have its own SVX Token, which will be part of SAVIORX metaverse ecosystem and it will be used for NFTs purchase, rewards, staking and other features.
The SVX Tokens type - BEP20 Binance Smart Chain. Total SVX amount is 6 Bilion Tokens.
Token distribution:
Seed - 5%
Private investors - 5%
Lounchpads, community 5%
Staking 22%
Play2Earn 23%
Team 15%
Treasury 22%
Marketing 3%